Each of us strives to become whole and complete. Whether from heartache, trauma or just the haste of our daily lives, we have become fragmented. We experience a chasm between our humanity and our divinity, as though our lower self and higher self were divided into two separate pieces. The Sanskrit word, sutra, means thread or suture. It is the 'Strand of Eternity' that sews our two selves back together and reawakens us to that which we already are. This gorgeous book of poetry will act as a catalyst to your reawakening. With clarity, compassion and humor, each of Vasant Lad's poems is derived from the ancient sutras of Ayurveda and imparts timeless truths that can radically transform your perceptions, your understanding and your way of being in the world. Open to any passage and notice what is stirred inside of you as you drink from this deep well of spiritual nourishment.

78 pages