Based on one of his most popular articles from the quarterly journal, Ayurveda Today, Vasant Lad shows you how to do a seasonal cleanse that will keep you feeling balanced, vibrant and relaxed. Designed to be used at the juncture of the seasons, each transition has specific dietary programs. Additionally, there are separate plans for each dosha type to follow for maximum benefit. If you don’t know your constitutional makeup, there is a generic program as well. Like traditional panchakarma, this program includes a post-cleanse rejuvenation plan too.

At Home Panchakarma Cleanse includes instructions for diet, massage, cleansing techniques, and rejuvenation; recommendations for yoga, prānāyāma and meditation; to restore balance for each dosha; herbal formulas for cleansing for each dosha type; strengthening herbal formulas for rejuvenation after your cleanse; taking the time to care for your health enhances your self-reliance and vitality as well as your mental clarity. Enjoy the benefits of this relaxing cleanse.

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