A Complete Guide to Clinical Assessment, Volume Two. 

The core practice of Ayurveda, as Vasant Lad presents it, involves observing every moment in an unbroken flow of attention, without projecting what could be, should be or would be. Accepting the awareness of 'what is' reveals that the seeds of mental, emotional, and physical suffering can be perceived and eradicated before they sprout into a destructive pattern or disease. Vasant Lad’s classroom is a haven where students are supported to delve deeply into their own minds and hearts to discover the very origins of pain and suffering. This practice cultivates an ability to see things exactly as they are, without wrongly labeling things or jumping to a conclusion. It is from this perspective that Vasant Lad presents in this book a systematic method for identifying the causes of illness and the stages in which a disease unfolds. This paradigm of cause and effect (etiology and pathogenesis) is the key to understanding how disease can be prevented through awareness of the subtle energetic disturbances that precede structural or functional damage. Sharing from a wealth of clinical experience, Vasant Lad imparts principles and methods of assessment using a combination of the most helpful Ayurvedic and modern techniques. This approach is at the heart of Ayurveda and, when combined with a solid understanding and personal experience of one's relationship with the world and the divine, develops into an ability to see cause and effect in a clear-headed way.

Hardcover, 416 pages