Hing Granules

Botanical name: Ferula assa-fetida
Other names: Asafoetida, Hingu 

Hing is a very powerful herb in Ayurvedic wisdom, used for digestion, bloating, and gas issues. It is also considered an anti-spasmodic. It has a very sharp and hot effect on the body and while people with Vata constitutions should usually avoid sharp and hot herbs, Hing has a special quality that makes it useful for Vata digestion. Asafetida is also one of the main spices used in Indian cooking and while the raw form is pungent and acidic in smell, using a small amount in your recipe will provide a wonderful aroma and flavor when blended in with the food and other spices. 

Suggested Use: 

Use as directed by your healthcare practitioner or as a spice in your cooking for seasoning to taste.