Non-foaming, sodium lauryl sulphate free. Pure and natural. No fluoride. Ayurvedic formula. Concentrated: lasts 3 times longer. 23 special herbal extracts for optimum care of teeth and gums.
Ingredients: Fine Chalk, Glycerine, Purified Water, Herbal extract blend: (Neem, Peelu, Indian Licorice root, Pomegranate rind, Common Jujube, Rose Apple, Clove, Persian Walnut, Barleria prinoitis bark, Indian Almond, Bedda Nut, Asian Holly Oak, Prickly Ash, Zanthaxylum alatum, Sappan wood, Catechu, Bengal Madder, Acacia arabica bard, Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Medlar bark, Mayweed and Bishop's weed), Silica, Carrageenan, Cellulose gum, Fennel oil, Cardamom oil.