Comforting Herbal Oil Drops to Support Healthy Ears

Soothing and comforting to the ears
Provides a sense of nourishment and grounding
Moisturizing for the tissues of the ear
The ears are open to the outer world and can be affected by the elements. Administering warm herbal oil to the ears is an excellent way to support healthy ears.

Also called karna pratisaranam, this ancient and simple daily practice supports the sense of hearing, cleanses and moisturizes the tissues of the ear, and helps balance all doshas, particularly vata.

The ears are closely related to vata, and lubricating the ears with this warm herbal blend is especially calming and grounding to vata. A go-to for parents, Ear Oil is made entirely of organic, all natural herbs and oils and is a welcome addition to a supportive daily routine.

Ear Oil can also be used occasionally in karna purana, or the practice of filling the ears with warm oil, which can be especially beneficial when excess vata is present.

Sesame Oil+, Olive Oil+, Bilva+, Ashwagandha+, Calamus+, Ajamoda+, Garlic+.